Thursday, September 13, 2012

Yesterday was a tough day.  Wearing the Perfect One bra does such a good job shaping me and molding me into the cups.  I have undeniable small breast showing through my shirt.  I spent most of the day with my arms crossed over my chest.  Then I realized that caused my shirt to tighten up in the back. That made my bra straps very noticeable.

My predicament only caused me to become more nervous and very aroused.  Now I had another problem...the chastity belt will only allow me to get semi erect.  I was very frustrated,  there was no way to stop my swollen clock from throbbing and trying to grow harder.  And it is impossible to touch or manipulate my dick.  I was in a highly aroused state all day.

When I finally got home my wife wanted to hear all about my exciting day.  I told her everything.  As I told her all the details, she was rubbing my body.  She was caressing my breast though my shirt and bra and grabbing my steel encased cock.  She was getting very horny and driving me crazy.

She led me to the bedroom and told me to strip, but leave the bra and panties on. She said she wanted me.  She took off her shorts and reviled her black satin panties.  Then she removed her t-shirt and I saw she was wearing a black matching bra.  It matched my teal Perfect One Bra.  She pushed me on to the bed and on my back.  Then she mounted herself on top of my face and pulled her panties to the side.  She said "Ok get to work."  And I did.  I went at it for 15 minutes before she had her first orgasm.  Now. I wanted my turn.  She said not yet.  She wanted to chum again.  This time she came a bit quicker.  She said now you can do me. She got up and went to our closet and came back with the box my Neosteel chastity belt came in.  But instead of getting the key she pulled out a dildo.  She said this was her little surprise.  She said she knew how I always lost interest in wearing lingerie after cumming and thought this would help me win my sissy bra and panty challenge.  She proceeded to lock the dildo to the front of my chastity belt.  It looked a lot bigger then my dick.

So there I was horny and more excited then ever.  As she began to climb on top of me, I pleaded with her to unlock me and let me do her.  She said she really wanted to support me in my 6 month challenge and did not want to do anything that might make me lose interest in it. So she was do this for my own good.  The whole time she was smiling.  She started slowly as it was bigger than she is used to,  then as it was about half way in she began to moan and rise up again.  Then she tried again this time she took the whole thing in an stoped.  Just letting it fill her up. Her eyes locked onto mine and she grinned and started to hump up and down, gradually picking up the pace. Then she started to really get loud.  Screaming and sweating.  She was breathing heavy and finally began cumming.  She said she never had an orgasm like that before.  She collapsed and rolled off me. She turned to me and said "that was the best sex she had ever had. You were great!"  Said what about me i'm climbing the walls here.  She unlocked the dildo and said "goodnight" with a smile.

Day 2.

When I came out of the shower, I saw my wife picked out my Pink...Perfect One Bra and panties.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Last night my wife locked my Neosteel chastity belt on me and kept the key.  I had a restless night as i'm still breaking in the belt.

Day 1 of the sissy bra and panty challenge.

After a quick shower and applying some body lotion, it was time to dress.

As I came out of the bathroom, my wife said she selected my bra and panty,  to start things off right.  She said it with a grin.

When I saw the set she picked out, I knew  why she was smiling.  It was my teal Victoria's Secret Perfect One Bra and matching panty.

My wife knew that this bra gave me very noticeable breast, small A or maybe B cup breast.  It is a 38C cup bra.  This bra and my breast are going to be hard to hide, under my dress shirt.  That's not the only thing it dose, it always gives me a raging hard on.

My wife added a rule to the challenge, no male clothing can be worn to hide my bra or breast except my normal work clothes.  I could wear a jacket as long as it was not a mens jacket.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Welcome to my Sissy Bra and Panty challenge.

I am a sissy and a life long closet cross dresser.  I am married and my wife knows about my dressing, but does not approve.

I have worn bras and panties to work under my male clothes, for a few years, but never for more than once or twice a week.  I get very aroused when I am dressed, and I will eventually masturbate.  Then I will not wear bras and panties for a while.

My wife knows I dress and then spank my pecker,  So she has challenged me to wear bras and panties for six months straight.  If I can do it, she will allow me to dress more.  But if I masturbate and do not continue the challenge, then I lose and she will not allow me to dress anymore.  My wife has come up  with a solution to my wanking and losing interest problem.  She strongly suggest that I wear a chastity belt.

I accepted her challenge.  We ordered a Neosteel chastity belt. She will lock me in a chastity belt and keep the keys.  I am only allowed out of the chastity belt, when she wishes.

Each day she will check to see if I am dressed in a matching bra and panty.  September 12, 2012 is the first day.

I'm not sure I will be able to make it.  But I am gonna try.

For this challenge, I will attempt to wear a bra and panty everyday for a 6 months.  Wish me luck.

Sissy Lisa